Read before you sign!

Recently two debt collectors from Veliko Tarnovo were accused of inflicting bodily injury of a debtor company for fast loans. Man of Debelec defaulted loan back … 400 lev. With interest rates should return 720 lev 6 installments, but only until June repaid two installments of 120 lev and stopped paying because unemployed.

So beat it, that he broke several ribs – and contusion of the lung. Bullies are employees of the credit company.

In September the Commission to protect consumers without name says it has banned non-bank financial institution to conceal essential information on basic parameters for granting credit – namely, final price, repayment plan, the General Conditions and the annual percentage rate ( APR).

It turns out that the company told them, but … after signing the approval for the loan. So even if you want to give up after they hear it is too late. Poor sufferer received information only about the size of your monthly installment, which is contrary to the provisions of the Law on consumer credit.

Since we had an urgent need of money to not miss a very attractive offer machine for our work, we applied today to Jet, and we were approved rather quickly. The annual interest rate is about 23%, is not low, but given that we had a quick response, we are very happy. If you return the sum in advance shall only be paid the remaining principal in law from the beginning of this year.