No chance of getting other loan!

But their “saviors” who force them to sign a blank paper ready and to their feet come.

Any service provided, you read in the pinned announced at the consultant comes home. Actually this “kindness” is intended to examine the home and assess the solvency, as it is also called, the customer. Of course, there are psychological trick – the elderly would be much more comfortable in their home setting than in an office, which at that sun rays do not penetrate.

And in recent days on the streets of Sofia and has posted ads, which are very targeted: 1500 lev credit for people over 65 years. So restriction that lawmakers want to introduce only for loans to 400 lev is ridiculous.

As in the case of telephone scammers best to consult parents, grandparents, elderly relatives not to enter into such a loan, before consulting with a loved one.

Why? Because along with the dangers lurking in the contract and not see – or do not read, there is the very real danger if they are elderly, die – and leave their debts as a legacy to their successors. And there is no escape. Probably will be soon announced and type – 1000 lev for people over 75. And there will be grandchildren – among panes and rubber plant.