“Importing” Payday Loans

Our institutions successfully zametoha under the carpet the main question – what is the origin of the money used these companies for fast loans. Whether the money with which they are correct, are not concealed income or not about money laundering? REQUIREMENTS capital imposed by the BNB are 50000-250000 lev, depending on their scope, which is ridiculously low amount. But no one in Bulgaria asks: “Where is the money?”

What data of BNB, which keeps statistics. 163 are companies specializing in lending, which at March they handed out loans to 2.570 billion. lev until last June Loans were distributed to about 2 billion lev.

Besides their strong growth, an overview of the loans given by banks shows something impressive. As of June 2013 in the segment up to 1000 lev loans to “non-financial corporations, households and NPISHs’ have been allocated 439 245 million lev, and loans from 1000 to 2500 Levs are 706.464 million lev. Even if you add them loans in euro and other currency granted to the ceiling of 2,500 lev, you will not get “payday”.

So banks retreated territory of microcredit – to 400 lev, 1000 Levs or a little more of the companies for fast loans because obviously have considered that their administration (collection, processing, etc.) Is not worth the cost.

So they turn their backs on those 2.3 million pensioners potential contingent companies for fast loans (but the telephone scammers – that BSP :)), and those 600 000 Bulgarians, or 27.5% of workers in this country who are received a net salary under 352 lev in 2012